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2012 Schedule Prediction: Jacksonville Jaguars to struggle despite having MJD back


Here is the 2012 schedule and prediction. Do you agree? Let me know below!

Week 1: 14-28 loss to Vikings

- Christian Ponder was solid at the end of last season and could do big things for the Vikings this season. It will start week one.

Week 2: 3-28 loss to Texans

- The AFC South favorites shouldn't have any issue getting a win against the Jaguars. 

Week 3: 16-17 loss to Colts

-  No luck for Jax against Andrew Luck. The Stanford rookie QB gets it done. 

Week 4: 20-24 loss to Bengals

- Cinci is on the way up, while the Jaguars are headed in the other direction. 0-5 start. 

Week 5: 21-17 win over Bears

- They have to win one, don't they?

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: 21-20 win over Raiders

- Two in a row! Blaine Gabbert starts to put it together, as does Justin Blackmon.

Week 8: 56-6 loss to Packers

- This could get ugly.

Week 9: 21-31 loss to Lions

- You expect this defense to stop Matt Stafford and Megatron?

Week 10: 31-30 win over Colts

- In the second match-up of the year, Jackonsville gets it done against Luck and company. 

Week 11: 28-20 loss to Houston 

- Playing in the AFC South is not easy, even with Peyton Manning missing. 

Week 12: 16-10 win over Titans

- Third consecutive game against a division foe, Maurice Jones-Drew runs wild against a tough Titan defense.

Week 13: 13-22 loss to Bills

- Bills are going to contend for a playoff spot, and this one will go a long way in deciding if they make it. 

Week 14: 27-20 win over the Jets

- Who knows with New York. Could be a lot of changes with that club by week 14. 

Week 15: 27-20 win over Dolphins

- Rookie QB can't overcome the Jags

Week 16: 21-44 loss to Patriots

- This game all depends on how much New England has locked up by that time. Could actually be a win. 

Week 17: 12-13 loss to Titans

- NFL Draft, please.