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The Other Cam Newton?

I've followed the NFL for many years. Obviously, we all know who Cam Newton is, the stellar second-year QB for the Carolina Panthers. But did you know there was another Cam Newton? Click here  for more, and be sure to read below for a preview. 

In so many ways, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a bona fide original.

In one undeniable way, he is not.

Namely, he isn't the first person named Cam Newton to play for the Panthers.

"I'm the original Cam Newton – or at least I like to think so," the lesser-known Newton said.

While Cameron Jerrell Newton took the NFL by storm after being selected No. 1 overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, Cameron Lamark Newton's arrival five years ago was a much quieter affair.

A safety, Newton joined the Panthers near the end of the 2006 season, after the Atlanta Falcons terminated him from their practice squad. He then spent the entire offseason with the Panthers before being released in the final roster cutdown in 2007, effectively ending his NFL career after two seasons.

Now, however, Newton is getting more fanfare than he did during his playing days. It only adds to it that he lives in Atlanta – quarterback Cam Newton's home – where he has founded the Core Fit 360 training facility.

"Every time I have to show my ID, people always take a second look," said Newton, who is only about three inches shorter than the Panthers quarterback and believes the two have a similar facial structure.

"And when I meet somebody and tell them, 'I'm Cam,' you wouldn't believe how often they ask, 'You don't happen to know Cam Newton, do you?' I tell them, 'I am Cam Newton.'"

Cases of mistaken identity are more prevalent on the Internet.

Don't even get Newton started on his Facebook page.

"Oh wow," Newton said. "I'll get messages from people I went to school with, and I'm like, 'Come on!' They will tell me that I did a good job or get on me for messing up.

"I've got more than 200 friend requests right now just sitting there for me to confirm."


It's quite surprising to hear this story. I never heard of the other Newton, and it's quite hard to believe so many people mistaking him for the star QB.