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Trade Deadline change coming?

Check out a bit of this piece by's Jeff Darlington. It is big, big news. Check below for my take. 

The owners are also on board with a two-week extension to the trade deadline that will allow teams to pull the trigger on trades until after Week 8 of the regular season.

Just the same, owners agreed they are fine with allowing one player from the Injured Reserve be added back to the active roster at a certain point in the regular season, but both of those rules will require further action before implementation.

The owners essentially empowered the league's management counsel to discuss both of those rules proposals with the NFL Players Association, a necessary procedure toward making each a part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The situation is a matter of procedure, although it is certainly possible either one could face any number of hiccups during those discussions.

The league originally planned to also discuss a rule that would allow for an open roster spot as a result of a player missing action as a result of a concussion -- but it decided to table those discussions at this point.


Now, the trade deadline has always been WAY too early. Pushing it back to halfway through the season makes a lot of sense, as we have seen so many teams suffer major injuries just after the early deadline. It is a good change for the NFL and look for it to be confirmed soon. What is your take on the deadline move? What about the IR move? Let us know below!