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Saints reactions: New coach? Goodell reacts


Well, this Saints story has just gotten crazier and crazier. Sean Payton is out for this season and DC Gregg Williams will not be back for a few seasons it looks like. So, who is going to be the coach for this season? 

It may be Bill Parcells! Click here to read more!

Now, while that certainly could be interesting, it doesn't look likely. The Big Tuna came out and said he doesn't have the desire to coach again.

What do you all think? Would it be a good fit? If you could have one coach for one year who currently isn't employed by the league, who would you choose? Would Tony Dungy do it?


As for the bounties.......

Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke about the Saints' bounty punishments. You can find the video here. 

He sent a letter to each NFL franchise, strictly stating how the league plans to move forward with this and how if another team is caught doing the same, the punishment will be even more severe. Not sure that is going to stop anyone from doing it.