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Houston: We Have a Problem

Didn't watch the game...apparently, I didn't need to.  Not sure if it was the ESPN black out rules (for pre-season?) or karmic intervention that prevented us from watching.  After following the game online last night, and reading this morning, seems the game can be boiled down to two main points:

  1. Sloppy defense
  2. Critical turnover

It's not the pre-season loss to the Texans that is bothersome.  We may have been strategically holding back to some degree since we will be facing them in week 3.  Instead, this matchup reeked of last year's problems that prematurely ended our post-season run.  Sloppy defense cost us the Browns game and poor tackling cost us the Seahawks wild card game.  Does anyone even know what happened during that debacle against the Cardinals?  The point being...these same issues resurfaced last night.

The fumble by Drew Brees brought back vivid shovel-pass, going-to-your-knees, behind-the-back nightmares.  I love you Drew, and we all think you are at the top of your game.  But sometimes you have to take the sack and let the kicker take a whack at it.  This type of high risk, high reward looks more like Brett Favre than Drew Brees.  Every Saints fan would take Drew Brees over Brett Farve.

There's time to fix things.  We all know the multiple purposes pre-season serves in fine tuning this massive machine.  I could launch into a litany of excuses, because nobody likes to lose.  However, we need to figure it out fast.  When the whistle blows on September 8, the Saints take on the defending World Champs...missed tackles and red zone turnovers aren't going to get it done when it counts.' dat's dat!