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Saints could be in big, big trouble


If you haven't heard about the bounty payments the New Orleans Saints have put out, please read this.

Truly, it's unbelievable. Players contributing a bunch of money to knock out players?

I remember watching the NFC Championship game between the eventually Super Bowl winners and the Minnesota Vikings, and I couldn't believe how many times Brett Favre was being hit. Now, I completely understand. Knock after knock, fall after fall, and now we know why.

But, the question is, how many other teams do this? Many suspect most teams have, but I've never seen a team hit so hard and so frequently as New Orleans did in that victory.

What do you think is a fair punishment? Many believe that the punishment will be worse than New England's spygate.

I think there will be severe punishments, a loss of a many draft picks and heavy fines.

Let me know what you think. What is too fair, what isn't? 

Oh, and before we go, if you think it can't get worse. As of Sunday morning, it has.

Read this.