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Saints: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

(Photo Credit: Tony Medina/Icon SMI)

It has been two weeks… 14 days.  One might think that is enough time to get over the Saints loss to the niners.  Apparently not.  I have been through breakups where the bitterness hasn’t lasted this long.

Really, what is the difference between the ending of your relationship and the premature end of your football season?  As I thought about it some more, there are some striking parallels between the stages of a breakup and coping with losing in the playoffs.

  • Disbelief.  This isn’t really happening.  I have watched the game two times, looking for the miscues, relishing those last moments of our season, and hoping for a different outcome.  Breakup: I am going out to drink countless cosmopolitans with my girlfriends and recount every detail of this breakup.  When I am done, I will eat a pint of ice cream.
  • Denial that you had any part in it.  “That is the best the niners have ever played.  They got lucky that we game them the ball five extra times”.  Breakup: “I’m not even sure where to begin with his issues, but his mother is probably a good start”.
  • Vengeance.   “My new mission is to wish ill-will upon the niners.  I hope they choke against the Giants.”  Breakup: “He’ll get what he deserves…and just to make sure of it, I will drive past his house every night to make sure”.
  • Overly dramatic.  “That was a championship team.  We only had a small window to make another run with this same personnel.”  Breakup: “I will never find anyone as good as him.  I’m going to die an old maid!”.
  • Looking to the future.  “There is always next season.  We have a lot to build on”.  Breakup:  “Bought some cute jeans…when is dollar drink night?”

So two weeks after that fateful loss, my husband and I have brief, passing comments about next season.  We try not to look backward at this point, but instead, begin to slowly think about the future.   That doesn’t mean that we don’t look towards next weekend’s Super Bowl with a little bit of envy and bitterness.  You may be asking how will we get through the 6 hours of pre-game hype and watching other teams on the biggest stage?  We will have a party with friends, overindulge in food and drink just like everyone else….only we will be showing Super Bowl 44 – Saints vs. Colts.

After all, who amongst us hasn’t called up an old flame after a breakup?

…an dat’s dat!