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Saints ground Birds......It Was A Brees!

Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Well, I guess that settles it! The Saints go 2-0 against the Dirty Birds this season with a decisive victory on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday night. 45-16 actually make's it look closer than it really was. I think that if you ask any member of the Saints offense they'd tell you that they left a few points on the field. Drew Brees was held to only 307 yards passing and had 2 interceptions. I think that he could have played a better game and still managed to break Dan Marino's single season passing yards record.


Here's the thing....we rushed for 164 yards and went 10 for 13 on third downs. Our defense held the Falcons to 35 yards rushing and 16 points. The Falcons were less than 50% on third down conversions and 0 for 3 on fourth downs! Net yards by both squads was roughly equal, so it would lead you to believe that our defense's "bend but don't break" style paid off this week. The defense was also responsible for 6 of the 45 points. I am hard pressed to remember our last defensive score!


Blah...blah...blah! We proved once and for all who's the better team this year. Of course, we might have to do it again The Dome come January! That doesn't scare me one bit! But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to address the issue of all the the Falcon's fans and players complaining that Payton and Brees did not have to pass for the final touchdown when the game was well in hand. All I have to say is.....EAT CRAP! The Falcons went for it on fourth down on their own 33 yard line. They were down by 3 touchdowns. They knew what Drew Brees was trying to accomplish and tried to end the game on a fourth and one so that he would not be able to throw any more passes and Matty "Ice" could kneel it out and they could lick their wounds back to Atlanta holing their heads high because they didn't let Brees break the record on their watch. Here's the thing though.....YOU DIDN'T GET THE FIRST DOWN! You blew it! We beat you! Just like we did all day, our defense stopped you from ruining our day! Matty "Ice" couldn't "Ice" the deal! Mike Smith could have punted the ball away and Drew could have broken the record and knelt the game out in an honorable fashion around the 50 yard line. Everyone would be happy and life would go on. BUT, by going for it on fourth down, down by 21 points and deep in their own territory, Mike Smith only left us one option.....TOUCHDOWN to break the record. If The Falcons didn't want to see the record broken on their watch, then they should have stopped it...BUT THEY COULDN'T! So spend the next two weeks sulking and blaming, and in the mean time, we'll be getting ready to play in the Dome again when it counts even more.


What I like best about all the crying over the last few weeks (whistle-gate in Nashville, dirty play in Minnesota and running up the score on Monday) is that the SAINTS have become that team that is a threat. We've become that team that people hate because we're THAT GOOD! Just like I hate the Patriots and The Steelers and the 80's 49ers! Nobody is talking about the Packers anymore, because they are no longer undefeated and they've nearly been beaten every week for the last 6 weeks. They are not as theatning as they used to be and THE SAINTS ARE! Everyone knows it....The Saints are the real deal! Our defense is vastly improved! Our offense can score 60 points. Morstead might be the best leg in the game and Kasay is knockin' in 82% of his field goals. Talk about getting hot at the right time! The Saints have a real shot at this thing!


To all Falcons' fans....SORRY...we're just better than you right now. BUT...let's see who can get it done during the tournament! I'm looking forward to another showdown in the Dome in January!


'An Dat's Dat!