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Saints: Twas the Night After Christmas and All Through the Dome

Todd Kirkland/Icon SMI

Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the Dome

All the creatures were stirring up Falcon Gumbo

The banners were hung from the rafters with care

Knowing that St. Breesus would soon be there


We Who Dats were settled all in our seats,

With visions of feasting on dirty bird meat

We’re all in our jerseys, with dome foam in hand

Screaming and dancing to Dixieland bands


When out on the field there rose such a noise

Fans on our feet yelling “Bless you Boys!”

The Who Dat Nation was at fever pitch

As the chosen team captain raised his fist


The Mercedes Benz crest that hung from the ceiling

Gave all that came hither that victorious feeling

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

The dirty birds shaking and quivering in fear


Then a voice came thundering so loud and so clear

We knew that kickoff soon would be near

They blew up the tunnel and lit of the flames

We whistled and shouted and called them by name!


Now Ingram, now Colston, now Thomas and Porter

On Shanle, on Vilma, on Harper and Jordan

Out on the gridiron, with the game on the line

Demolish the Falcons, the playoffs are nigh!


Dressed head to toe in their black and their gold

When the Saints come marching, it’s a sight to behold

Payton and Brees go straight to their work

As Ellis and Smith put “Ice” in the dirt


By air and by ground, the attack is relentless

And nothing can get through Greg Williams’ defenses

The shockwave is felt from the lake to the quarter

We turned Falcon to mince meat in prompt and short order


As the whistles are blown and the game is in hand

Exhausted and joyous are players and fans

The division is sewn up all nice and tight

May all Who Dat faithful sleep peacefully tonight


 ...'an dat's dat!