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Dirty Birds Fly to the Dome...Saints fly IN THE DOME!

Jeff Lewis/Icon SMI

I think that it's important to start out by saying that The Saints don't like the Falcons and the Falcons don't like The Saints. It's just kind of the way it is. Could be proximity or division opponent? Could be all the close games in recent history? For me, it's something much more. I think we're a better team. I think we were a better team last year. I think we're a better team this year. I'm also sick to death of hearing about "Matty Ice". Can someone please tell me WHY he is "The Ice Man"? In my humble opinion, you have to be able to win the big ones...the playoff home...when it counts. Matty "Ice" hasn't been able to do that. He's also predictable when the pressure is on. I often wonder why Tony Gonzalez isn't triple teamed on third down. That's where "Ice" will look when the heat comes.


Anyway, here we are! Two games left in the season and playoff implications are on the line. The Saints are at home and looking for home field games in January. The Falcons are trying to keep wildcard hopes alive and perhaps a little payback for the loss in Atlanta earlier this year. Here's the thing...WE HAVE THE REAL ICE MAN! Drew Brees is deadly right now. He's breaking every record in the book this year. He only needs 304 yards to tie Dan Marino's single season passing record and he's throwing for 340 yards per game. I've got a feeling that that record will be broken on Monday night and the Dome will erupt. The 12th man will take care of the Dirty Birds and "Ice' will be flying home banged up and dropping two against the Saints in 2011.


'An Dat's Dat!


P.S. I know I've used this picture before, but given our record at home, I think it's appropriate!!