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Saints vs. Lions Kickoff!

(Photo Credit: Derick Hingle/Icon SMI)

The kids are tucked in fast asleep…snug in their feetie pajamas with firm strangleholds on their favorite sleep toys.  I just finished dinner and have slipped into my most comfy (and subsequently most unsightly sweats).  This night seems strangely similar to every other night…it is hard to believe that kick off between the Saints and Lions is minutes away.


I have written about our infamous superstitions and paralyzing rituals, yet tonight, I have thrown all caution to the wind for this critically important game.  It is not that I don’t have complete respect for the Lions, or that the Falcon loss has “sealed it” for us in our division.  Quite the contrary.


In fact, the matchup against the Lions  is very scary.  While the Saints offense is statistically stronger than the Lions, Detroit’s defense edges us out.  Calvin Johnson is a formidable threat, posing a significant challenge for our secondary.  And then there is that intangible – Detroit’s rebirth.  After far too long struggling economically and athletically, the Lions are providing hope for a lost city…a story all too familiar to Saints fans.


So why am I breaking ritual?  One word: confidence.  Our team’s confidence is back to its 2009 level.  The team’s performance has been strong in many areas throughout the season, but it appears that it has all come together.  Performance, command, swagger.


I can only hope that at the end of four quarters, I will be sleeping as peacefully as those kids upstairs…


…an’ dat’s dat!