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Saints: The Buc Stops Here

(Photo Credit: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI)

Well, there it is! Score first and never look back! Drew Brees must be reading my blogs because they played like they knew we were disappointed in the previous energy. I would love to have seen the deep shot to Devery Henderson pan out into an early touchdown, but we ended up going up 14-0 anyway. The offense had rhythm, the defense had swagger, the play calling was well balanced and the crowd stayed in the game.  The 27-16 win over the Division rival Bucs team was more than just a check in the win column. It was a sign of potential things to come.


We have entered the do or die time of year. ‘Tis the season to peel away from mediocrity and move towards the season’s best. November football separates the post-season viable from the draft leaders. Especially when teams like The 49ers, The Packers and The Giants keep winning, The SAINTS MUST KEEP PACE! Sure, it’s about winning the Division and getting into the Tournament, but it’s also about having the chance to play one or two games at home when the stakes are at their highest.


Luckily for the Saints, both goals are attained through the same portal…win, win and win again! With four of the last eight games being against division rivals and seven of the last eight games being against Conference opponents, these games matter most! Get hot and stay hot is truly the only way to Championship.


Let’s look ahead shall we;

1)   Atlanta…time to get our “road swagger” on…we’ll need it in a few weeks when we see The Titans and The Vikings.

2)   Bye week….GET HEALTHY NOW! Stay healthy and pound teams that are starting second string defensive backs and offensive linemen.

3)   Giants and Lions at home…HELLO! Monday night and the following week against this year’s “America’s Team”….a public display of dominance is in order!

4)   Titans and Vikings on the road in December. At least one of those is in a Dome and if ever there was a time to prove that we can win on the road, THERE IT IS!

5)   End the year with two home games against two Divisional rivals…time to spoil some holiday plans for a couple of thistles in our sides!


Yesterday’s win was a sign of the potential of this team. But can they carry it through to road games. Can they match intensity when it matters most? The schedule gods lined up for us this year leaving us with the majority of our remaining games in The Mercedes Benz SuperDome, but we can’t let the three road games be our demise! The Falcons are the first test. They hate us! We hate them! Time to prove who the better team is. We’ve lost to teams that we could have beat. We’ve lost to teams that we should have beat. Now is the time to run the table and show the Division, The Conference and The League that we mean business and our wishy-washy stumbles are behind us.


Beating the Bucs is nice…it’s fun…it feels good to know that they don’t own us this year, but most of all, it means that we can take a loss and come back next game and confuse the hell out of an offensive coordinator. My only hope is that we don’t need any more losses to remind us that we are the best team in this Division and one of the best teams in the League. Only total dominance will suffice!


The Buc stops here!


An’ Dat’s Dat!