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Time To Buc Up!

Mark LoMoglio/Icon SMI

This is it….the time is now…we’ve stumbled, we’ve clawed, we’ve dropped the freakin’ ball. But here it is! Time to BUC UP! The Saints take on the Tampa Bay Bucs in the Dome tomorrow at noon and if the Saints can’t overwhelm them from kick off to the final whistle, fans like me are going to be upset. Everyone know that we have an explosive offense…it needs to explode consistently! Our defense needs to figure out a way to stop the run and get our offense back on the field quickly!


Now, everyone in the league knows that we are weak against the run. So, what do you think the Bucs are going to do…maybe they’ll try running it? Can we stop them and get the ball back into the hands of some play-makers?


Conversely, the offense needs to play with some fire, some passion, some sense of urgency. Why not play like it’s a four-minute drill all game long. Put the Bucs defense on their heels and keep them there! Force their offense to play flawless football to keep up. We need to play like it’s playoff time and it’s win or go home.


We’ve had a tough first half of the year, but it doesn’t get any easier! The only upside is that we see most of our division games at home and play the next three out of four games at home. This is the time to strike the hammer hard and remind everyone that this is a championship contender.


Some Suggestions;

1) take the ball to start…don’t defer

2) hurry-up, no huddle offense to start

3) play #1…long strike down field…make them scared from the first snap

4) try NOT BLITZING…show blitz then drop into coverage…then…when they think we’ve gone soft…send the freakin’ house!

5) WRAP UP!! Fundamentals people…fundamentals! Sure…we want the turnover, but what about holding them to three and out!

6) If our offensive line is having problems…get the tight end to chip…WTF!??!

7) Please….please…please…please…our team is built to pass….let the pass game open up the run game.

8) Sean Payton..CALL THE PLAYS FROM THE BOOTH. We love your “empowering the coaching staff” test that you’re running, but YOU ARE THE MAN….BE THE MAN!




An’ Dat’s Dat!