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Oh N.O., Teams with an

I am not sure about you, but a win-less team scares the crap out of me.  They run double reverses on 4th and 2, they fake punt, they run kick off returns with multiple laterals, they blitz eleven men on every down, they do an onside kick to start the second half…wait, that’s us.  They play without fear, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  On 0-6 team believes in their heart that a win against a championship franchise like the Saints could kick start their season and lead them to 10-6.  Even if they lose, 0-7 is really no different as 1-6 – still as the bottom of the barrel.

The 4-2 Saints, coming off an incredibly disappointing display in Tampa, have everything to lose.  One more loss and we are mired in mediocrity.  Can the Saints play fearless football?  Can they execute to their full potential?  Can they play up to the excitement of an 0-6 team instead of down to the level of an 0-6 team?  This is the point in the season when the top dogs begin to peel away from the pack.  Five-2 starts that separation, 4-3 does not.   Championship teams dismantle teams like the Colts and the Rams…they embarrass them for even showing up that day.  They score first and never look back.  The 0-6 Colts are not an opponent, they are a nagging fly to be swatted.

Not to look past the Colts, but the next two games are a chance for us to get our swagger back.  This is the perfect opportunity for our defense to manhandle struggling offenses.  This is the perfect opportunity for all of playmakers to rack up some stats.  Nine days from now, we need to be sitting at 6-2, poised and ready for payback against a Bucs team that we should have crushed.

Tomorrow night, All Saints All Day will be interviewing former CB Mike McKenzie from the Dome.  Check back to view that video Monday! dat's dat!