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Gris Gris, Ju-Ju, and a Holy Hex of VooDoo

Saints fan section 604, row 6, seat 9 (Photo Credit: Jon Roniger)

It’s Saturday night, and our home is filled with the spicy scent of down home ‘Nawlins cooking.  With game day tomorrow, my husband is preparing what we hope is a “victory” batch of red beans and rice - to be nervously consumed during the matchup against the Jaguars. 

Since our Superbowl winning 2009 season, my husband has made a culinary commitment to the Saints.  For away games, he digs deep into his New Orleans gastronomic secrets, whipping up the most scrumptious remoulades, red beans and rice and jambalaya.  His personal dietary devotion may have less to do with ritual and more to do with superstition.  After all, what would happen if we ate Greek on Sunday?

This is just one of many ceremonial activities we engage in every week hoping to repeat past victories.  For home games in New Orleans, we make the Saturday night trek to the Creole Creamery on Prytania for a double scoop of “Black and Gold” and “I Scream Fudge”.  Of course, for Monday night games, we make the appropriate adjustment to Sunday night.  Not letting our epicurean efforts stop there, we sit down for a breakfast feast of grits and grillardes at my in-laws house.  Many are welcomed and encouraged to take about the keys to the game – all are required to wear their game day jerseys.  Carbo-loading up on “light” New Orleans fare not only allows us to make the hike from our traditional parking spot on Julia and Carondelet, but also obviates the need to eat “Dome Food” (something only visiting fans should do). 

I commit to the same outfit, while my husband now wears two jerseys – switching at the half to reflect “half time adjustments”.  During the Texans game, the gentleman behind us would shake and blow on his “Lucky Lite Beer Caps” when we needed a first down or to force a turnover.  He called the shanked punt by Houston in that game and the Jabari Greer interception – I am ready to send him several cases of Miller Lite for the remainder of the season!

As I write this, I continue to think that there must be medication we can take to help with our conditions.  Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion we are not alone.  We know of situations where people have been banned from re-entering the room when a “good” play happened while they were in the bathroom.  We have friends that nervously pace and refuse to sit down during the three-hour contest.  Then there are others that refuse to engage in such superstitious activities for the sole reason that it will drive them to insanity.  I, for one, think our ceremonies and rituals should be celebrated.  It is what makes the season even more personal and flavorful for the fans.

I have a plea to all our readers…please comment on this blog post with your game day superstitions.  Admitting it is the first step…you are not alone.

…an’ dat’s dat!