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Texas Hold 'Em

Photo Credit: Tyler Kaufman/Icon SMI

Are you a gambler by nature?  You have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.  We’ll even give you odds.  Ten points to start, throw in 470 yards of offense, and four key injuries during the game.  If that is not enough for you, we’ll throw in two turnovers.  You’re probably feeling good about your chances.  But we’ve got an ace in the hole…a card up our sleeve so to speak.  It’s the King of Hearts, and he wears number 9.

From where were sitting in the dome, watching the chips pile up on the other side of the table, it felt like we were being dealt a losing hand.  The Texans seemed to move the ball effortlessly, racking up eight first downs, converting  3 out of 4 third downs, and amassing 185 yards of offense in the first quarter.  Conversely, the Saints could only ante up 29 yards of offense and turn one third down conversion. Needless to say, the first hand went to the Texans as they led 10-0 15 minutes into the game. 

The second and third quarters saw both teams bear down with poker faces.  It was a back-and forth battle in the trenches between two of the NFL’s elite.  The Texans edged out the Saints 16-10 going into the half, and 19-17 to end the third quarter. 

The Saints stacked the deck in the fourth quarter in the form of a Greer interception.  Our Ace in the hole, Drew Brees would take it from there.  Brees paired up with Graham and Moore for two touchdowns.  Ingram would add the final card to the royal flush.  The Saints dealt 14 first downs, passed for 175 yards, converted on 3 out of 5 third downs, doubled down on two 2-point conversions, and ate up 11 minutes of clock.  The 23-point tally was too much for the Texans to handle, causing them to fold.

The Texans showed up at the Super Dome on Sunday thinking they were holding all the cards.  They must have underestimated the drive and talent that has been cultivated in New Orleans.  They must not have known about the five-year anniversary of the Dome reopening or the heartfelt return of our beloved local hero Steve Gleason.  While the Saints aren’t the team that everyone talks about anymore - they aren’t the story of the year - our will to win and passion under the pads should never be underestimated.' dat's dat

Cha-Ching Moment of the Game:  Local hero and special teams phenom Steve Gleason leading the 70,000+ fans in the the "Who Dat" chant before the game.  Gleason's heroics continue off the field as he battles ALS.