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Mess With Texas! SMI

Texas is nice enough. They're very proud of themselves. There are signs everywhere saying "Don't Mess With Texas". It's meant to be a warning against littering, but it speaks to a much deeper attitude in every Texan. Right now, the number one ranked, Texans defense is saying "Dont Mess With Texas". Members os the team have been quoted as saying, "the Saints wont be a problem". I say it's time to MESS WITH TEXAS! Don't let your 2-0 record go to your head! The Colts are in the beginning of a nose dive and The Dolphins are a struggling team at best. The Texans defense has yet to meet an opponent that can put up 30+ points a game. 

The SAINTS aren't scared of good defenses! The Packers and The Bears have great defenses and we managed to put up 859 yards and 64 points against them. There are holes in every defense and Brees and Payton will find them in the Texans'.  Brees spent two years practicing against a Wade Phillips defense in San Diego. Although Payton lost to the Phillips defense during pre-season, we left a lot of our tricks in the bag. Both Payton and Greg Williams will be opening up the playbook this Sunday. The Texans' pass defense is great....our offense is better. We are heavily stacked in the run game and if Mario Williams gets upfield too fast he might find himself behind the best screen game in The NFL.

As a Saints fan, I find it almost amusing that another team would look at US as their "first test of the season". Our team has become the team that you can "prove" yourself against if you want to be considered a top-notch member of the NFL. We have become the team to beat. It's quite an honor! BUT NOT THIS WEEK! The Saints are on a mission this year. We have all the weapons! Drew Brees is in his prime, our defense has vastly improved since week one, our running game is made for speed AND power, Jimmy Graham and Dave Thomas are legitimate threats and Darren Sproles is lighting it up in all aspects of the game. Our offensive and defensive lines are playing VERY well and the secondary has been hitting people hard and covering tight! 

This Sunday's match-up in The Superdome will be a chess match for sure. Two teams who believe that they have what it takes to go all the way. AND THEY DO! In my humble opinion, this game will be decided on ball controle and clock management. Who can get the crucial 3rd and short, who wins the special teams game and who can capitalize on defensive mistakes. The turnover battle will be all-important. How many times does Matt Shaub have to peel himself off the Dome turf? The 12th man will be a HUGE factor...perhaps a few false starts?!?!?

In short, it's time to MESS WITH TEXAS in a big way! They might be on the way to great things this season....but not tomorrow...not in our house...not against our team. It's a short trip from Houston to New Orleans but it's gonna be a long road home for the Texans!!!