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Bring The Flambeaux to Lambeau!

Sun-Sentinel/Zuma Press/Icon SMI

OK…it’s here! I’m like a little kid in a toy store. I’m running from website to website reading blogs and posts, players and coaches practice press conferences and NFL Network is basically on 24/7! The offseason/pre-season is over and everything from here on counts. There is a fire in my belly and there’s a fire in the eyes of every man, woman and child in the football arena. The players are frothing at the mouth ready to hit someone when and where it matters! 


When the lights come on Thursday night, The SAINTS are gonna march in to Lambeau carrying a burning that was lit in Seattle eight months ago.  That loss burns like an ember that’s been smoldering like heartburn after some spicy mud-bugs. It’s a soul burn, leaving a nasty smell in the air after Mardi Gras day on Bourbon Street. Instead of pouring water on that ember, I say we blow on it and throw some logs on the fire. Let’s carry that fire around in ceremony of mistakes gone by and lessons learned. Let’s let that fire ignite in us a yearning to be better than that. Let’s dance like wild banshees in tribal celebration ready for war! Let’s call it Lombardi Gras and go get our trophy back! It’s time to bring THE FLAMBEAUX to Lambeau!


It’s time to burn that house down (figuratively speaking, of course). We walk into the house of the Champions, as ex-champions, with a chip on our shoulders and team that is stacked to make another serious run at it. The Packers defense if tough, our offense is better. The Packers offense is tough, our defense needs to play like pit bulls on crack! There’s no time for stuttering on any offensive series. There’s no room for missed tackles and blown coverage. There is no room for mistakes. The Packers are going to be fired up….SO WE HAVE TO BE ON FIRE!


Last year’s NFC Championship game should have been between the SAINTS and The Packers. That was our destiny. Instead we looked past the Seahawks and got our asses handed to us by a sub-500 team. I’m still really bitter about our performance in Seattle and it’s time to prove that WE ARE THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!


What better stage could you ask for? Opening night…against the defending Champs…in their house…gun slingers, hard-hitting linebackers, rock pounding ground attacks and an attitude in both camps that WE are the best!


Time to PROVE IT!


An’ Dat’s Dat!