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Number 1 Reason Jags struggle

Aside from little talent, the main factor in the Jaguars having a poor, pathetic season is its production from rookies. Look at teams around the league excelling. Look at the Bucs. Doug Martin, Mark Barron and Lavonte David have been stars, carrying the team. Look at the Jags. Justin Blackmon, the top pick, has been decent. Andre Branch only has one sack. Bryan Anger and Brandon Marshall have done nothing. 

Mix together the lose of Maurice Jones-Drew for much of the year, and their is your recipe for disaster. Now, despite Chad Henne being solid, the next draft is going to be crucial for this team to build sustainability. 

For a look at some of the top prospects, check here.

What do you think the team should go after in the draft? What are the biggest needs? Let us know below.