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Players don't want Tim Tebow

TMZ asked Jacksonville Jaguars TE Mercedes Lewis about the possibility of adding Tim Tebow to the roster during the offseason. 

From TMZ:

The Jacksonville Jaguars only won two games last season and are in DESPERATE need of help at quarterback, but tight end Marcedes Lewis wants no part of Tim Tebow.

Tebow's future with the New York Jets is tenuous at best and most experts think the team will send him packing this offseason. 

And while the GM of the Jags has already come out and said he doesn't see Tebow joining his hometown team, Lewis hammered the point home last night in Hollywood ... telling our photog, "We need a guy that's going to put us over the hump right now. Not a project." 


It is certainly stating the obvious, and Tebow, who went to high school in Jacksonville, would certainly sell tickets, but Lewis is right. They need a top-tier quarterback, and that person is not on the roster. That person is also not Tim Tebow.